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Zach is running for San Marcos City Council because he loves this community. 

As our city grapples with an increasing poverty rate and a self-inflicted housing crisis, City Hall is where the work is. Zach is committed to securing permanently affordable housing, providing livable wages, investing in communities, and providing direct-aid to community members negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and Winter Storm Uri - and by working together we will get these things done. In spite of any challenges ahead of us, our campaign is committed to fighting for these basic human rights for all San Marcans. 

Our campaign recognizes that we are up against the forces of the San Marcos Police Officers Association and other special interests. These forces continue to exacerbate San Marcos’ poverty rate and profit off the hardships of working families and community members, but we will fight back. Positive change is going to take coalition-building, as well as mass movements in the streets and in the workplace. 

Zach’s loyalty lies with the working families and community members of San Marcos! 

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